About Intensive Care Reform Package

The reanimation package of reform is an initiative of public activists, experts and journalists who have United to accelerate reform implementation in the country.
From protest to inquiry!
The idea to create the RPR appeared in January 2018 on the Maidan. The activists decided to direct the energy of protest of millions of people in a creative direction-the reform of the country. Instead of talking about disagreements, work together on reforms that will change the country for all citizens of Ukraine in the West, East, South and North. More than 300 experts, activists, journalists, scientists, human rights activists from 50 of the most famous Ukrainian analytical centers and public organizations United around the RPR. Participants RPR together are developing bills that are making their adoption and control the embodiment of the reform laws.
What has been done? This is what some professionals had to say.

After the formation of a new majority In the Parliament of the VII convocation, 29 laws were adopted, which were developed or finalized by the experts of the Resuscitation package of Reforms:

  • Amendments to the law on access to public information (draft 0947);
  • Law on public procurement (draft 4587) and amendments to the previous version of the law (draft 2207);
  • Law on restoring confidence in the judicial system (lustration of judges) (4378-1);
  • Law on Public service broadcasting (project 1076);
  • Amendments to the criminal code necessary for visa liberalization (draft 4556);
  • Law on standardization (draft 4585);
  • Law on Metrology and metrological activities (project 4583));
  • Law on cooperation of territorial communities (project 4756);
  • Law on higher education (project 1187-2);
  • The law on food safety (draft 4179а);
  • Law on of animal identification and registration (draft 4987-1);
  • The law on Prosecutor’s office (project 3541);
  • Law on the system of specially authorized entities in the field of anti-corruption (national Bureau of anti-corruption investigations) (project 5085);
  • Law on the fundamentals of anticorruption policy in Ukraine (Anticorruption strategy) for 2014 – 2017 (draft 4284а);
  • Prevention of corruption act (draft 5113));
  • The act determining the final vegetatarian legal persons and public figures (5114 project);
  • The law on amendments to some laws of Ukraine on the refusal of Ukraine to implement the policy of non-blocking (draft 1014-3);
  • The law on amendments to the Tax code of Ukraine on peculiarities of clarification of tax liabilities from corporate income tax and value added tax in case of application of tax compromise (draft No. 1071-d)
  • Law on amendments to the Law of Ukraine “on financial services and state regulation of financial services markets” regarding disclosure of information (draft No. 1545).
  • Law on technical regulations and conformity assessment (draft No. 1065)
  • Law on voluntary Association of territorial communities (project No. 0915))
  • Law on the basis of state regional policy (draft No. 0908 ))
  • Act on the openness of the use of public funds (project No. 0949)
  • Law on amendments to the Law of Ukraine ” on protection of public morality” (concerning state supervision) (draft No. 1647)
  • The law on amendments to certain legislative acts of Ukraine on ensuring the integrity of the National anti-corruption Bureau of the National Agency for the prevention of corruption (No. 1660-d)
  • Law on amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine on liability of persons related to the Bank (No. 2085)
  • The law on amendments to section VIII “Final and transitional provisions” of the Law of Ukraine ” on the collection and accounting of a single contribution to compulsory state social insurance” (concerning the reduction of the burden on the wage Fund) (draft No. 1863)
  • Law on amendments to some laws of Ukraine (concerning volunteer activities) (project No. 1408)

Also, due to the pressure of the Resuscitation package of Reforms, an order of the Cabinet of Ministers “on the list of administrative services provided by the Centers for the provision of administrative services“was adopted. Now the most popular among citizens and business administrative services of authorities, will be surely provided in “a single window” in the city councils and RGA.

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